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Ray W Ng

Terrell, TX



(972) 563-2288


Ray W Ng
1553 Hwy 34 South #100
Terrell, TX 75160

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Carla says:
I hit the wrong key for Dr Ng. And his staff.You could not get any better then this office. I have never seen a more cleaner office then this. And wonderful staff. Dr Ng is the best.

Carla W. says:
I went to Dr By one Monday afternoon could hardly walk in the door. But after seeing him I could walk out. His patient doctor relationship is the best. He is a caring doctor and a very smart and intelligent man. Thank to Dr Ng I am able to get around good. His office is very very clean his stais wonderful. So if your looking for a doctor that is a caring person and a caring doctor then you need to see Dr. Ng in Terrell. Tx.

Sandy Harvey says:
Dr. Ng, is the best. I have had foot pain for over 4 years, and have seen 4 other Dr.'s before coming to Dr. Ng. My foot is finally clearing up after 3 visits to Dr. Ng. He is very friendly, and caring, as well as staff. I can now walk with less pain...