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South Point Podiatry

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South Point Podiatry
6208 Fayettville Rd
Durham, NC 27713

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South Point Podiatry


Hours of Operation:

Monday9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Services Offered:

Payment Plans: Aetna
Payment Plans: Blue Cross Blue Shield
Payment Plans: Cigna
Payment Plans: Humana
Payment Plans: Medicaid NOT Accepted
Payment Plans: Medicare
Payment Plans: UnitedHealthcare
Bunion Treatment
Diabetic Shoes
Foot Orthotics
Foot Pain
Podiatric Deformities
Podiatric Disorder Treatment
Podiatric Orthopedics
Podiatric Paralytic Treatment
Podiatric Sports Therapy
Podiatric Surgery


Welcome to Southpoint Podiatry!

Dr. George Hill began Southpoint Podiatry in 1997 under the name South Square Podiatry. The practice was initially located on University Drive near South Square Mall. However, in 2002, when South Square Mall was closed and Southpoint Mall was built, the practice was relocated to the Fayetteville Road Office Park II, and the name was changed to Southpoint Podiatry.

Southpoint Podiatry treats patients of all ages who visit the office for treatment in several areas including, onychomycosis, ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis, orthotics, bunion and hammertoe surgery and other foot ailments. Children visit our clinic seeking treatment for foot deformities and other hereditary conditions. In addition, Southpoint Podiatry provides services to active individuals engaged in activities such as walking, running, mountain climbing, hiking, basketball, tennis and other athletic areas. These peoples often come into the office with injuries associated with their levels of exercise. Additionally, some of our patients include professional individuals who have complications that are associated with their employment. Included in this category are doctors, nurses, teachers, police officers, fire fighters, factory workers and other professionals who may stand on their feet for long periods during the day. Finally, our office treats elderly patients who may have systemic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Many of these patients receive routine foot care treatment to avoid complications associated with their diseases.

At Southpoint Podiatry, our priority is to deliver quality care to informed patients in a comfortable and convenient setting.

Quality Care
When you have problems with your feet, you need to turn to a podiatrist who listens and responds … an experienced doctor who knows the field and can effectively diagnose and treat your needs … a friendly physician who counsels you on the best ways to maintain and improve your health. Our physician meets all these criteria. Plus, you benefit from a dedicated team of trained professionals who give you the individualized attention you deserve.

Informed Patients
Southpoint Podiatry believes that informed patients are better prepared to make decisions regarding their health and well being. That is why we've included an extensive section on this web site covering the full array of topics associated with podiatry and podiatric diagnoses and treatments. We encourage you to look through these pages whenever you have an interest or concern about your feet.

Comfortable, Convenient Setting
The best care in the world doesn't mean anything if you can't access it. At Southpoint Podiatry, we strive to make our office as efficient and convenient as possible.

From routine checkups to treatments for surgery, Southpoint Podiatry is equipped to handle all your podiatric needs, such as:
Achilles Tendon
Ankle Instability
Ankle Sprains
Arthritic Foot & Ankle Care
Athletes Foot
Crush Injuries
Diabetic Foot
Flat Feet
Fungus Toenails
Geriatric Foot Care
Heel Spurs
Ingrown Toenails
Plantar Fasciitis
Poor Circulation

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