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Gary A Wasiak

Community Foot Ctrs

Highland, MI



Community Foot Ctrs


(248) 887-3729


Gary A Wasiak
2997 E Highland Rd
Highland, MI 48356

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Ann Annon says:
Dr. Wasiak, This is an anonymous citizen on behalf of many concerned and outraged mothers, fathers and community members over your support of the "Acupuncture and Laser Therapy Clinic" operating out of the building you own. This backdoor operation has been bringing a seedy, dangerous and criminal element to the community for some time now. I am asking you to cooperate in eliminating this disgusting business from Highland. I do not want to get the media involved, but I will if something is not done. I would hate to see your licensing come into question because of your unethical ties to this criminal organization. Any idiot with a computer can find many, many ads for the sex services they offer. Not to mention the plethora of disgusting and desperate men pouring in and out the back door day and night evenings and weekends even holidays! The following link is only the tip of the iceberg. If that is not enough, just google erotic massage parlors Highland Mi. Thank you...