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Douglas K Blacklidge

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Kokomo, IN



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(765) 455-5426


Douglas K Blacklidge
2330 S Dixon Rd
Kokomo, IN 46902

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Lisa Kessinger says:
If you have an ankle or foot problem this is the Dr. to see. I had a very complex ankle issue, my ankle had been crushed in a car accident and had many previous surgeries. Dr. Blacklidge took me on in October 2013, he told me exactly what was expected of me gave me 1 prescription of pain meds and sent me home from the hospital what they called an 8 ball, which pumped pain medicine in my leg for 24hrs. I never really had much pain , and i never used all of the pain medicine he prescribed me, he did a great job controlling the pain, he always told me what to expect, and stayed on top of things making sure the bones and fusion was healing properly. His nurses were awesome, they had to wrap and unwrap and take x-rays every visit they always did a great job and had a great attitude, even when i was jumpy when they were using the saw to remove the cast!! He released me from his care in Aug 2014 and I am in much better shape then when I started!!! Thank you all so much!!!