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Kenneth W Oglesby

Foot & Ankle Center of Southern Indiana LLC

Bloomington, IN



Foot & Ankle Center of Southern Indiana LLC


(812) 355-6933


Kenneth W Oglesby
550 Landmark Ave 2nd Floor
Bloomington, IN 47402

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Mehmet says:
Probably one of my worst experience within IU Health system. We waited for half an hour in the waiting room before we are taken inside a room by the nurse. She was not very kind and did not provide much help. Then Dr Oglesby came in and basically told us that my daughter does not need customized inserts and the over the counter ones will do just fine. I know she has low arches because she was diagnosed by another professional before and we just wanted to get new inserts since she grew out of the first ones. Now this doctor is telling me that no they are not necessary. When he realized I was not very convinced, he chuckled and said his daughter wears over the counter ones and they work for her. He then in a cheesy way said, 'If it is good for my daughter, it then should be good for everybody, right?' How can he expect me to believe that his daughter's problem is the same one my daughter has? What kind of logic is this? Then, when I pressed that I do want the customized inserts like before, he spilled the beans and it turns out that the insurance may not approve of them and we had to pay. He refused to take the impression of the feet then and there and said first they have to get written approval from the insurance, which will take a couple of weeks. They want to make sure they can get their money before they take care of your need. All in all, wait time, treatment by both the nurse and the doctor, they all sounded and felt very unprofessional. We will not go back to him for any reason in the future. I thought people need to know about this before they make an appointment with this office. Hope this helps.