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John A Ruch

Peachtree Podiatry Group - Bldg 12 #114

Tucker, GA



Peachtree Podiatry Group - Bldg 12 #114



John A Ruch
2193 Northlake Pky
Tucker, GA 30084

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Maui P says:
I am trying to locate Dr. Ruch, as he operated on my foot almost twenty years ago, and I need the records for the pain clinic I will be working with. I need to find a *current* address and hopefully a phone number. I also need the records as my 3rd metatarsal never fused with the cuboid, so I will need surgery again, here in my home state. I don't know who reads these comments, or if they can help me, but any info would be very helpful! Thank you. MP

Maui P says:
I forgot to say how wonderful a doctor he is. I don't have to add anything about his skills, as they are so widely appreciated, but would like to add that he is a very warm and extremely caring human being. If I didn't live thousands of miles away, I'd definitely want him to do the further surgery I will need!