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Kamran Jamshidinia

Tower Foot & Ankle Surgery - Tower Foot & Ankle Su

Los Angeles, CA



Tower Foot & Ankle Surgery - Tower Foot & Ankle Su



Kamran Jamshidinia
11611 San Vincente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90049

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11611 San Vincente Blvd Los Angeles, CA, 90049 Map


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Brook says:
Problem: Hip pain on the right side, burning calluses on the ball of my right foot, lots of calluses on my right foot. Dr. Jam, like everyone has said, has a really fantastic, funny, thorough, thoughtful, intelligent, and sweet personality. Instead of some doctors who look more at your chart, he actually really looked at my feet. He shaved off several of the calluses. He also realized that my right leg was just a bit longer than my right, which was most likely the cause of all of my pain on the left side. So we put in a temporary pad in the heel of my right foot, and what did you know... no pain!! So I came back after a week and we ordered some orthotics!! Now i can run without any pain! I do need to go back to Dr. Jam to get surgery on my feet. Will keep you posted. Both appointments were quick but they made me feel like I got real service versus being rushed out. The front desk attendants are also very nice. It definitely helps the atmosphere.